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"Goutham JJ called himself a Human Being & a Common Man just like others. Oh ho! Kidding! here is Info - Goutham JJ is an imaginative, creative Digital artist whose work uses natural imagery to explore philosophical and psychological themes and also with writings. He often explores the inner mind, emotions & thoughts of a character in his arts and even the unconscious mind, history, and choices of the individual to manifest their reality - their infinite potential for greatness or self-destruction. The figures create their own realities for better or worse.  He also enjoys exploring creative representations of psychological archetypes. His love for imaginative & thoughtful realism is rooted in wanting to use the fantastical way to explore the nature of our realities and highlight what we sometimes overlook or the possibility for something yet greater, that we have yet to imagine.    
Goutham is author of "PREMA PARTY" kannada book, which is available in this website. And also, he is one of the start-up filmmaker having a team called Chik Frame. Currently working in Sarva Multimedia Solutions as Designing Head & Video Editor. Along with it, he is practicing lots of arts-related works & he loves to sketch portraits.  
He has also been hard at work for the last two years creating his own scripts of short films, “Alpha”, “Roo5”, “Jeevna”, “Common Man” & “Satyanveshane-Gandhi matalla” and etc,. For these films, he has been working through all the varies, often contradictory thoughts that he spanned thousands of emotions, and weaving a narrative that explores the different characters and themes that represent different figures, while also trying to breathe new life into the characters and make them feel more dimensional. The words never end for any living being so, that’s it…
Thank you for reading this boring Info of an interesting Person (may be)"


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The asking Question is what do we get Freedom is Right?

  • How can i get new one ?
    Just Contact Me!
  • Your Art price?
    No one can price my art, but i can fix the price with my service.
  • What you are?
    Me? im a human being im kidding, Im professional Animator and Artist
  • Why you became Artist ?
    Because of my Sense.
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